Sport: Bodybuilding

Adam’s journey as a competitive bodybuilder started around 2008, his competitive hockey days had come to a close and the goal of staying shape through weight training started to become more important to him. He had lifted weights on and off in the past but was never overly serious about it or his nutrition, actually Adam knew very little in regards to nutrition back then. As the bodybuilding bug bit him he became intrenched in learning everything he could about training and nutrition so that he could better his physique.

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Sport: Powerlifting

Bianca Liberatore started weight lifting 8 years ago. She competed in bodybuiding shows from age 18 until she turned 22. She then started competing in powerlifting and hasn’t looked back since.  Bianca is the owner/operator and head trainer at NXL Athletics, a specialized training facility in Kamloops, British Columbia.

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Sport: Bikini Competitor & Future Powerlifter

Billie-Jean Nye’s passion for weight training began in 2014. It was then when she decided to compete in her first bodybuilding competition as a Bikini competitor with the BCABBA. Placing well in her first show (9th out of a stacked class of 25 girls) and enjoying the process, she continued on to compete again in 2015, placing 4th

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Sport: National Level Bodybuilder – Masters middle weight class

Bryce Scott is a Canadian National level bodybuilder always striving for and achieving higher Placings at every contest he enters. Bryce focuses on nutrition and wields it as a tool for living a healthy and productive lifestyle. Bryce places high demands on his body, only intaking the absolute best in supplements and healthy food choices.

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Sport: Women’s Bodybuilder

Carmen Tocheniuk is an IFBB professional athlete. She got into bodybuilding after devastating car crash as a teenager that left her with a broken back and in a body brace for over a year. Carmen used bodybuilding to help her regain her health. She fell in love with training, so Carmen decided to build a career out of her love for fitness. She became a successful gym owner, personal trainer, built a national health food and DNA testing company. Carmen now owns Karmalife and practices Nutrition and DNA science.

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Sport: Rodeo, Steer Wrestler

Matt builds numerous nutritional plans on a weekly basis for all types of athletes at various levels, ranging from professional football players, hockey players, boxers, fitness/bodybuilding competitors, and people in all sports. He also works with several people just trying to achieve healthy body weight, injury prevention and some dealing with serious injury or health related issues. He is known for his ability to design programs to suit a person’s true need using their DNA profile to reach their goals through real solutions that are easy to maintain.

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Sport: Bodybuilding

I was always an athlete. I started playing hockey at age 5 as a player for 4 years and 6 years as a goal tender playing Select, A and AA. I also excelled in other sports like snowboarding, skate boarding and swimming. Needless to say, I was no stranger to competition, hard work, dedication and the tenacity it takes to win. In my teenage years I got mixed up with the wrong crowd. I had no interest in school or my future and I let the bad influences around me control my life. My mother, in hopes of straightening me out, sent me to live with my father in Welland. One day, I stumbled across an old room, which had a weight collection that had been left behind. Out of boredom, I started lifting weights to occupy my free time – not knowing how much it would change my life forever.

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Sport: Stock Car Racing

Pete Started racing Go-Karts at the Age of 10.  After achieving 2 championships and winning many races he decided it was time to follow his Father’s footsteps and move into full body stock cars at the age of 13. Pete won 29 races in his very first season, and again was ready to move up.  He spent two seasons in Late Model Stock Cars and picked up 8 more wins along the way, shattering age/win records across the country.

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Sport: Physique Competitor – Bikini & Fitness Model

Val Andrea Way is a National level physique competitor, mom of 2 boys and a certified life coach/consultant. She has competed successfully in both Canada and the USA, with the help of BioX Nutrition’s quality products and support. Val has been with the BioX family since 2009 and is proud to stand behind products she believes in and assists her in intense training and lifestyle.

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Sport: Fitness Model, Television Host, Celebrity Trainer, Adventurer

Yvan is an actor living in Vancouver, nicknamed ”the Chameleon” he is best known for his ability to change his appearance and for his unique abdominal muscles. Named after legendary hockey star Yvan Cournoyer, his parents raised him and his three brothers on a pig farm in a rural part of the province. Passionate about sports, while tending to the farm, Yvan spent as much time developing his physique and learning about fitness as he could.

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