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Fey Martinez

I was born and raised in Mexico. I played different sports growing up but my favourites are rugby and flag football. I started lifting when I moved to Canada. My biggest gym inspiration is my dad. He taught me that taking care of my body is self respect and that’s how I found out my love for heavy lifting which turned into powerlifting. After a couple years of playing around with weightlifting I decided to start my journey as a bikini competitor. I loved the whole experience because it allowed me to challenge myself in ways that I never knew I could be challenged. Currently I am working towards becoming a wellness competitor as a new way to challenge myself. That’s the beauty of fitness you can always change your goals and find different ways to challenge yourself. It’s always you vs you. I embrace the idea of finding your passion in fitness no matter what it is and not letting “fitness ideals” influence what you love.
Fun fact about me… I eat donuts as a pre workout and BioX power whey isolate as a post workout because #balance.