Billie-Jean Nye

Name: Billie-Jean Nye

Hometown: Sparwood, BC

Sport: Powerlifting & Former Bikini Competitor



  • 2014 November – 9th Place BCABBA Bikini D Sandra Wickham Fall Classic
  • 2015 September – 4th Place BCABBA Bikini A Knight of Champions
  • 2017 April – 5th Place NPAA Open Bikini
  • 2017 May – 3rd Place INBF Bikini Short
  • 2017 June – 1st Place IDFA Open Bikini and IDFA Pro Bikini Winner


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Billie-Jean’s passion for weight training began in 2014. It was then when she decided to compete in her first bodybuilding competition as a Bikini competitor with the BCABBA. Placing well in her first show (9th out of a stacked class of 25 girls) and enjoying the process, she continued on to compete again in 2015, placing 4th.


After the show in 2015, she switched over to a powerlifting style training program and incorporated a flexible dieting approach to nutrition. This truly was a game changing moment.


In 2017 she competed in 3 shows, each within a different drug-tested federation (NPAA, INBF and IDFA). In each show Billie-Jean placed in the top 3-5 and at her final show, she won 1st in Open Bikini and became an IDFA Pro.


With new goals on the horizon, Billie-Jean is looking to compete in a powerlifting meet in 2018. This does not mean the end to her bodybuilding career, as she plans to continually improve her physique and step on stage again with the INBF and as a pro with the IDFA.