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Ultra Sustained- Release Protein Complex

  • Sustained Slow-Release Protein
  • High In BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids)
  • Delicious, Rich, and Smooth

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POWER CASEIN COMPLEX is specifically formulated to provide a sustained release of amino acids over the course of 5-8 hours. This makes POWER CASEIN COMPLEX an ideal protein to consume before a long day, or before bedtime to ensure that your muscles always have amino acids feeling their recovery.

Combined with our delicious flavouring system, It delivers a thick, rich, and smooth shake that will leave you satisfied for hours.

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size — g
Amount per serving % Daily Value
Total Fat — g -%
    Saturated Fat — g -%
    Trans Fat — g
Cholesterol — mg
Sodium — mg -%
Total Carbohydrate — g -%
    Dietary Fiber — g -%
    Sugars — g
Protein — g
Potassium -%
Vitamin A -%
Vitamin C -%
Calcium -%
Iron -%


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