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Slutty Protein Brownie

Slutty Protein Brownie

Slutty Protein Brownie

Slutty Protein Brownie Cake

After he was falsely made to believe he would receive a #macrofriendly treat after the teamidfa show I figured it was necessary to make Michael Kurylo something for after BCs. So… I made these delicious cakes for Mike, and myself
First layer:

  • Protein Chickpea Cookie with dark chocolate chips.

Second layer:

  • 2 reduced fat Oreos.

Third layer:

  • Protein Black Bean Brownie.Pictured above is one cake split in half topped with protein cheesecake pudding, peanut butter and shredded coconut. All with a side of Cappuccino Frozen YogurtTotal Macros for the 1/2 serving of Slutty Protein Brownie Cake:
    12.8g P/ 35.6g C/ 4.6g F
    235 calories

    Took @theflexibledietinglifestylerecipe for the Slutty Protein Brownie ice cream sandwich and made it into a cake. Cooking time had to increase a bit but I watched it to ensure it didn’t overcook

    Used BIOX Rocky Road Protein Powder for the brownie layer and Vanilla for the cookie layer!

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