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Red Velvet Oreo Protein Cake

Red Velvet Oreo Protein Cake

Red Velvet Oreo Protein Cake

Red Velvet Oreo Protein Cake???

You need this in your life! Trust me, this cake was absolutely magical ?
The original recipe by @mason_woodruff @mugsformuscles was slightly altered to fit my preferences:

1. Replaced light butter with pumpkin puree
2. Changed the flavour of the cake and used regular Great Value brand Red Velvet cake mix from Walmart
3. Added Oreos ? to the recipe… because why not


45g Red Velvet Cake Mix
23g BioX Performance Nutrition Cookies & Cream Power Whey Complex
15g Pumpkin Puree
60g Liquid Egg Whites or Whites from 1 whole egg
10ml Walden Farms Pancake Syrup, sugar-free syrup or sticky sweetener of your choice.


1. Spray microwavable mug with Spray oil.
2. Add Syrup to the bottom of the mug.
3. In a separate bowl, mix the dry ingredients together
4. Add in the wet ingredients and mix well.
5. Add the mixture to the mug and only fill halfway.
6. Place your oreo in the middle of the mug and add the remaining batter.
7. Microwave for 60-80 seconds. You want the cake to be cooked through so adjust your time accordingly
8. Add your favourite toppings. We used low fat whipped cream and crushed Oreo’s

TIP: Watch your mug cake through the window as it can quickly spill over the edge of your mug.


25g PROTEIN / 65g CARBS / 12g FAT

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