• Increase Vascularity
  • Boost Muscle Pumps
  • Improve Strength
  • Optimize Muscular Endurance
  • Enhance Muscle Recovery

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BIOX CITRULLINE MALATE is 100% pure unflavoured Citrulline Malate. It is unflavoured and mixes instantly into your favourite pre, intra, and/or post-workout recovery drinks. CITRULLINE MALATE is a perfect addition to your supplement regimen if you want intense muscle pumps, improved recovery, and optimized muscle endurance.

Servings Per Container 85
Citrulline malate (2:1): 3g
Recommended Use: Mix Powder (3 g) in about 16oz of liquid (water or juice) immediately before consumption. Ensure to drink enough fluid, before, during and after exercise.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a healthcare practitioner before using this product.