Strawberry Banana Protein Popsicles

protein popsicles

Strawberry Banana Protein Popsicles

??Strawberry Banana Protein Popsicles??

Summer is here and we’ve got an absolutely delicious way for you to kill those cravings! Check out this cool tasty treat from our very own Billie-Jean Nye!


?115g Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt
?1/2 medium sized banana (60g)
?50g Unsweetened Vanilla Cashew Milk
?15g BioX Strawberry Banana Power Whey Isolate
?8g Rainbow Sprinkles


1. Blend all ingredients except sprinkles.
2. Mix in sprinkles.
3.  Separate into 4 popsicle molds.
4. Freeze for at least 4-6 hours.

Macros (per cupcake):

6g PROTEIN / 6g CARBS / 1g FAT

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Strawberry Banana Protein Popsicles
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