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  • Most Complete & Biologically Active Whey Protein Supplement Available.
  • ZERO Artificial Sweeteners
  • ZERO Artificial Flavours
  • 100% Ultra-Pure Whey Isolate…No Fillers!
  • Virtually Lactose, Fat and Carbohydrate Free!
  • Fortified with Fibre

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NATURAL WHEY ISOLATE is filtered at low temperatures through triple filtered – cross-flow microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and diafiltration processes. This proprietary process ensures that all of the vital whey fractions are present and intact. NATURAL WHEY ISOLATE surpasses the highest standards and is an elite whey protein isolate designed specifically to help build and repair muscle tissue.
Natural whey Isolate protein supplement available in powder form designed to meet the requirements of intensive exercise.

Types of protein 

A type of protein that contains low levels of fat and carbohydrates. The protein percentage depends on how much it has been concentrated. Low concentrated protein offers 30%, and highly concentrated offers 90%.

Whey Protein Isolate: A form of protein achieved after further processing to remove lactose and fats. Whey protein isolate contains 90% protein.
Whey protein isolate; Third type of protein that undergoes partial hydrolysis (A necessary process for the body to absorb protein).

Weight loss is an important goal for gym athletes, and they strive hard for the purpose. Usually, weight gains by consuming calories, and athletes lower their calorie intake. Often they start putting themselves on a diet and reducing their calories intake, which can decline the body’s energy. Here, a Fast-acting protein supplement comes into play by offering protein, branched-chain amino acids, and adequate calories. Protein improves metabolic rate and makes an athlete feel fuller without providing extra calories. A study of 28 people given protein lost significant body fat and muscle mass purple space monkey strain.


No precise measurements are available for dosage. You should consult with an expert nutritionist for proper dosage. Several experts claim that overdosage of protein supplements leads to side effects like gas bloating and headaches.

A study was conducted on 15 individuals who were supplemented with whey protein powder isolate for 3 weeks and their performance was improved.


Nutritional Facts

Serving Size — g
Amount per serving % Daily Value
Total Fat — g -%
    Saturated Fat — g -%
    Trans Fat — g
Total Carbohydrate — g -%
    Dietary Fiber — g -%
    Sugars — g -%
Protein — g
Cholesterol — mg
Sodium — mg -%
Potassium — mg -%
Calcium — mg -%
Iron — mg -%


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