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PB&J Protein Mug Cake

PB&J Protein Mug Cake

PB&J Protein Mug Cake


PB&J Protein Mug Cake ??

Is there really any better flavour combination!? ? I think NOT!
This with some ice cream was a great way to finish off my day ?


15g Almond Flour
15g Coconut Flour
15g Oats, ground into flour
20g Chocolate Peanut Swirl protein powder
2g Graulated Zero Cal Sweetener
30mL Cashew Milk
30g Egg Whites
30g Strawberry Jam


1. Mix all ingredients except jam in a bowl. Add a bit of water if the mixture feels too dry, but not too much as the jam will add extra liquid
2. Spray a microwaveable dish with baking spray oil (contains flour)
3. Add 2/3 of mixture to bowl then add in jam, top with remaining mixture
4. Cook in the microwave for 1.5 – 2 minutes
5. Top with peanut butter, peanuts and no sugar added syrup
6. Devour ?

Macros Including Toppings:

31g PROTEIN / 45g CARBS / 22g FAT

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