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Oreo Banana Split Protein Frosty

Oreo Banana Split Protein Frosty

Oreo Banana Split Protein Frosty

Oreo Banana Split Protein Frosty

Tonight’s dessert hit the spot!

Made with BioX Strawberry Banana Isolate Protein from BioX

  • 10g mini marshmallows
  • 3 Oreos (outside only)
  • 50g Banana
  • 20g Light Whipped Cream• Total Macros (Incl. toppings):19g P/ 52g C/ 11g F

Protein is an essential component of our body and we get it from our daily diet. Moreover, it is available in supplements, meats, vegetables etc. Often time we crave to eat something sweet but hesitate because it can increase body fat. What should one do if he/she wants to eat sweet and avoid gaining body fat? BioX Banana Split Protein Frosty is a great recipe that is designed for individuals who want to satisfy their hunger without consuming excess calories. The health expert claim that a protein frosty contains calories according to your requirement and offers a high amount of quality protein.

Below are the health advantages of our banana split protein frosty:

Increase protein intake 

Health experts claim protein is important for all aspects of our body including the immune system blood vessel function and tissue repair. Moreover, it is ideal for building muscles and athletes often use protein supplements for this purpose.

Low in calories 

We often crave a sweet candy or beverage that can increase calories consumption and lead to weight gain. Protein frosty supplements come with a minimal amount of calories to ensure you do not put extra body weight and get calories as per the requirements of your body. It is perfect for people who are looking to lose extra body weight and crave for eating something sweet. Studies claim that low caloric meals lead to losing weight about 8%. 

I chose to take every one of the parts from my cherished youth dessert and make a protein-pressed smoothie formula we can appreciate regularly!

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