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Homemade Pad Thai


Homemade Pad Thai



100g Bok Choy
65g Red Bell Pepper
25g Yellow Onion
60g Bean Sprouts
70g Chicken
80g Glass Noodles
Spray coconut oil


12g Nutri Nut
15g Garlic Chili Sauce


12g Peanuts


1. Measure out vegetables.
2. Heat up a pan and spray it lightly with coconut oil spray. Once pan is nice and warm, add vegetables.
3. While cooking, I add a bit of water and a lid to help steam them. Add desired spices as well: garlic, herbs, salt and pepper.
4. As the vegetables are cooking, boil water for the glass noodles and cook as per the directions.
5. Add cooked, drained and rinsed noodles to the pan with vegetables. Make sure pan heat has been lowered to low-med.
6. Add sauce (mix 12g Nutri-Nut with water until you get a runny PB texture. Mix in 15g Spicy Garlic Sauce. You can add more water if necessary). Let the flavours combine and warm up.
7. Add in cooked chicken.
8. Top with peanuts!

Macros for Entire Plate:

37g PROTEIN / 90g CARBS / 10g FAT


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