Billie-Jean Bikini Competitor | BioX Performance Nutrition

Billie-Jean Nye

Organizations: World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF)
International Drug Free Athletics (IDFA)
British Columbia Powerlifting Association (BCPA)
Type of Athlete: Bikini Competitor (Professional)
52kg Raw Powerlifter

I always had an active life – playing sports and hitting the gym casually, but it wasn’t until I saw my 30’s approaching that I realized it was time to make a lifestyle change. It was then that I decided to hire a personal trainer with the goal of hitting the bikini stage. In November 2014 I did just that! That process changed me in ways I never expected.
As of 2020, I have competed in a total of 8 bikini competitions and have won myself 2 pro cards. I have also competed with the BCPA as a 52kg raw powerlifter. I have truly found a passion for training. I work hard to balance strength and physique development while also using a flexible dieting approach for lifelong sustainability. I also absolutely LOVE to bake (and eat).
If you take a look at the recipes section on the BioX website, you will see my creations there! I enjoy experimenting and finding new ways to incorporate protein into my baking.