🍳 B.E.L.T 🍳

Our girl Billie-Jean is at it again with a simple and honest way to look at your breakfast moving forward! This glorious sandwich is inspired by the #mcdonalds Egg LT Bagel 💚 .
There is something to be said for the perfect sunny side egg who’s yolk breaks to create an ooey gooey sauce 🍳👌


🔸2 Eggs
🔸 Lettuce
🔸 Tomato
🔸Whole Wheat or Sesame Seed Bagels
🔸Low Fat Cheese (if you want)


1. Cook both your eggs sunny side up.
2. Toast your bagel.
3. Combine all your ingredients on your bagel
4. Enjoy!


23g PROTEIN / 62g CARBS / 11g FAT

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