Mike “Wheels” Cipriani

Name: Mike “Wheels” Cipriani

Hometown: Vaughn, ON

Sport: Bodybuilding



  • 2016 – Sacramento Golden State Pro  – Placed 7th
  • 2016 – Tampa Pro – Placed 16th
  • 2016 – Baltimore Grand Prix and Fitness Expo – Placed 11th
  • 2017 – Toronto Pro
  • 2017 – Vancouver Pro
  • 2017 – Tampa Pro


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Mike was always an athlete. He started playing hockey at age 5 as a player for 4 years and 6 years as a goaltender playing Select, A and AA. he also excelled in other sports like snowboarding, skate boarding and swimming. Needless to say, Mike was no stranger to competition, hard work, dedication and the tenacity it takes to win.

In his teenage years I got mixed up with the wrong crowd. I had no interest in school or my future and he let the bad influences around him control his life. His mother, in hopes of straightening him out, sent Mike to live with his father in Welland. One day, he stumbled across an old room, which had a weight collection that had been left behind. Out of boredom, Mike started lifting weights to occupy his free time – not knowing how much it would change his life forever. Mike’s father didn’t know much about lifting weights but he too was no stranger to hard work. At first he told him “Dad the weights up there are too heavy for me”. He said, “just keep trying, eventually they will become light for you.” It was that mentality that Mike was raised with to never give up and to believe he could achieve anything as long as he put my mind to it.

Mike eventually returned home to live with his mother and continued lifting weights as a hobby because it occupied most of my free time and kept me out of trouble. At the same time, he distanced myself from the negative influences that surrounded him. By age 21 Mike became so passionate about lifting weights that he began competing.

His first competition as a bodybuilder was in March 2010 at the NGA in Buffalo, the CANAM show. He didn’t place as well as he had hoped and was a long way from where he needed to be. Mike’s failure only fuelled his ambition to persevere and succeed. It was then that he began to appreciate the challenges that he would face as a competitor in this sport.