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Alex Goebel

I was born in Toronto, Ontario before moving to Ottawa, where I completed my undergrad in Law at Carleton University. Throughout my childhood I was always a tomboy, from football in elementary school, to rugby in high school, I was constantly partaking in any type of competition I could. Into my late teens early 20s is when I really found my niche though within the fitness community, falling in love with the sport of bodybuilding.
I think what draws me particularly to bodybuilding is not only are you the driving factor of your own success, it also teaches you so much about nutrition, micronutrients, body mechanics, and over all helped me gain a better understanding of my body.
Long term I’d love to be able to help other achieve their health and fitness goals by providing them with the proper tools and resources they need to make educated decisions for themselves. I don’t want someone to be reliant on my guidance for the rest of their life, rather I want to teach them any knowledge I’ve acquired and just help others become as passionate as I am on becoming the best version of ones self.