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Albert Reyes

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Type of Athlete: Bodybuilding Competitor (Amateur Level)
Albert Reyes

“Doesn’t matter how you started, it’s about the journey and how you finish”

I started my weight loss journey 8 years ago when I used to weigh in at 290 lbs. Since then I  managed to drop weight to 200 lbs. During this weight loss journey, despite the challenges faced, this became my outlet to manage frustration and stress.

I became eager to learn more about functional training and developed my body to perform functionally. It is important for me to live a well-balanced healthy life as it relates to my career as an Emergency Nurse. I am passionate and dedicated on saving lives and helping others. Currently my goal is to continue to educate, and motivate others. I believe in living in a way where I am always striving to become a better person and a better athlete